The Methylation Database - Background information


The database contains information about the occurrence of methylated cytosines in the DNA. No restriction applies on the type of data, i.e. as well as global estimations (e.g. HPLC) as data from high resolution analysis (i.e. sequencing) can be stored. As much background information as possible should be provided by the users. This includes the origin of the sample, phenotype, expression of the related gene, etc..

The database is designed to store methylation data. No analysis tools are included. However, external tools are available and users are invited to develop further software for the analysis of methylation patterns.

Principle of Search and Submission


Currently, a form for a structured search is available. It allows for querys for methylation content and methylation patters and profiles. To display all data choose "contains" and leave the search fields blank.

Links to MethDB:

To link your own data you can use either the author ID
( (example)
or the sequence ID
( (example).


For the moment, submission and update of data is possible via personal communication with the administrators or via a dedicated submission form. Please follow the submit link. Comments are welcome.

Batch data:

In case you have a number of data already present in electronic form, please let us know how we can help you to submit them without going through the web submission pages.

Further Help

For further information please contact Christoph Grunau .